Grass incursions on streets

Flaming Oaks Homeowners’ Association Letter
July 1, 2018

The Roads committee met today. Plans for future road maintenance were discussed. We are reviewing several options, looking at finances and other factors as they pertain to the roads.

One point was to maintain the edges of our roads. Grass intrusion creates cracks in the roads. In the past, the homeowners association hired a professional to spray the roads. This year, we are leaving it to each homeowner to take care of their property. Many properties do not have a problem. Some properties need attention. Please look at your yard and determine if action is needed. Some options are

  • 1. Spray/remove the grass on your property as they relate to the roads.
  • 2. Hire someone to perform the work for you.
  • 3. Contact a block representative or road committee member and see if they can find a neighbor to assist you in spray/removal.

We will make an inspection of the neighborhood by July 15 to see who still needs to address weed control. Letters will be sent to individuals at that time.

Thank you.

Roads Committee

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