Star Party tonight!

Dear Flaming Oaks homeowners,

Reminder: Flaming Oaks Star Party, Feb 17, at the Magruders … 6319 Oak Grove Dr. … 7-10 pm, drop-in.

It looks like the weather may clear up just in time for our star party tonight! Assuming the ground is wet, the astronomy students from Norman North High School, and others, will probably set up their telescopes on our driveway. They will park on the side of the street as they arrive when it’s still daylight. After the event starts, please park some distance away and walk to our home if you can. (We want to keep the street clear to allow our neighbors immediately next door on Flaming Oaks to come and go if they need to, and we want to avoid as much as possible damaging the night vision of those who are observing.)

Our address is 6319 Oak Grove Dr., Norman, OK 73026.

Regardless of the weather, we will go forward with the event. If there are episodes of cloudy skies that interrupt the telescopic viewing, there will be many things to do inside the house… First and foremost, this is an easy, low-key way to get to know some of your neighbors! Or talk with some of the student astronomers about the value of keeping our night skies dark in east Norman. Folks are sponsoring a cookie pot luck, with hot drinks — but don’t feel you need to bring cookies unless you want to; there may even be an opportunity to buy some from a neighborhood girl scout! And bring kids or grandkids — there will be an assortment of constellation-things to do indoors as well (constellation coloring pages, planispheres and star clocks, childrens’ books, the Constellation Station board game, etc.).

We hope you can join us as we cap off Valentine’s week with a friendly neighborhood trip to the stars!

Kerry and Candace Magruder

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