About FOHA

Flaming Oaks is a beautiful neighborhood nestled in an oak-hickory forest about 5 miles east of the OU campus, half-way to Lake Thunderbird. It lies to the northeast of the intersection of East Lindsey and 60th Streets. Nestled inside the Norman city limits, but with a rural feel, Flaming Oaks may be just what you’re looking for if you enjoy gardening or working outdoors, if you delight in attracting a variety of backyard birds, if the sight of an occasional fox, deer, or turkey makes your day, or if you enjoy looking up at night and discerning the Milky Way from your own front yard.

The Flaming Oaks Homeowners Association serves residents primarily through the maintenance and repair of neighborhood roads. The FOHA provides ways for residents to communicate with each other and address common issues in a friendly, coordinated and collaborative way. FOHA activities include volunteer workdays, special events, and an annual meeting. A neighborhood covenant provides for a Board and an Architecture committee to protect property values by ensuring consistent standards of development and maintenance.

To protect the privacy of Flaming Oaks residents, the pages on this website are password protected. If you are a resident, contact your block representative or any member of the Board of Directors for the password to log in. If you are not a resident, but considering purchasing a home in the Flaming Oaks neighborhood, contact us:

Kerry Magruder, President

Mailing address:
Flaming Oaks Homeowners’ Association
P.O. Box 156, Norman, OK 73070-0156

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Recycle Norman

Dear Flaming Oaks homeowners,

The city of Norman has begun recycling service to Flaming Oaks. Your recycling polycart should have been delivered today. The brochure contains guidelines for what to place in the cart.

Our pick up day is on Friday every other week. There is an “A” week and a “B” week. We are on the B schedule so next week is the first pickup.

Read about the city’s recycling program here:

As voted in the 2017 annual meeting, the FOHA is picking up the recycling fee. This is because the recycling would not have been possible without 100% participation across the neighborhood, including empty properties.

Over the past 14 months, many FOHA homeowners have worked hard to bring this about. Special thanks go to Aaron Stiles, who first negotiated with Sanitation to achieve an agreement. When problems with the City billing threatened to prove intractable, Ward 5 rep Sereta Wilson assisted David Jones in negotiation, without success. Since the report at the Jan 8 annual meeting, Aaron intervened again, and voila, we have success. We hope this arrangement may pave the way for other Ward 5 neighborhoods to implement recycling for themselves. Thanks again to everyone involved who brought this about.

Kerry Magruder
FOHA President

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Annual meeting last Tuesday

Dear Flaming Oaks homeowners,

A quorum of 55 homeowners were represented at the annual meeting last Tuesday night: 27 present plus 28 proxies. What follows is a brief summary of the most important actions taken. (A version of this letter is being mailed to each homeowner.)

First, it’s important for everyone to know their block rep, and to feel free to communicate at any time all questions and concerns to the block rep and to any officer of the board. The officers and odd-numbered block representatives were elected as nominated on the agenda. The current list, with phone numbers and email addresses for quick reference, is found on the bottom of the updated neighborhood map. Tip: we keep a printed copy taped to the inside of a cabinet door in our kitchen.

Second, homeowners voted to increase dues by $10/month to $55/month or $660/year. The vote was: 38 in favor; 16 opposed; 1 abstention. If you have already sent your check for January, just send a new check to the FOHA between now and the end of February to cover the difference. The goal of the increase is to give us the best chance to avoid a special assessment for an overlay in spring 2022 by funding it on the basis of annual dues. For more information, please see the handout, “PLANNING FOR A ROAD OVERLAY,” which was presented at the meeting. We appreciate all the points that were raised and the general level of participation in the discussion.

Other business touched upon included:

Website: https://flamingoaks.wordpress.com
Password: (ask your block rep)
Only the front page is public.

Recommendation to consider full-cutoff lighting fixtures:

See the blog about our Neighborhood skywatch social last February: 

Recycle proposal status update:

A lot of people put in many, many hours of work to get the recycling going. Aaron Stiles negotiated with Sanitation, who finally agreed. David Jones negotiated with City Hall for billing. Due to progress made even since the meeting, look for an update to be sent separately in the near future.

The following documents are enclosed. They also may be downloaded from the website:
1. Agenda

2. Treasurer’s report

3. Overlay Planning report

4. 2019 neighborhood map (requires password; ask block rep)

5. Minutes

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting, and to all of you for making Flaming Oaks a great place to live.

Sincerely yours,
Kerry Magruder, FOHA President

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Grass incursions on streets

Flaming Oaks Homeowners’ Association Letter
July 1, 2018

The Roads committee met today. Plans for future road maintenance were discussed. We are reviewing several options, looking at finances and other factors as they pertain to the roads.

One point was to maintain the edges of our roads. Grass intrusion creates cracks in the roads. In the past, the homeowners association hired a professional to spray the roads. This year, we are leaving it to each homeowner to take care of their property. Many properties do not have a problem. Some properties need attention. Please look at your yard and determine if action is needed. Some options are

  • 1. Spray/remove the grass on your property as they relate to the roads.
  • 2. Hire someone to perform the work for you.
  • 3. Contact a block representative or road committee member and see if they can find a neighbor to assist you in spray/removal.

We will make an inspection of the neighborhood by July 15 to see who still needs to address weed control. Letters will be sent to individuals at that time.

Thank you.

Roads Committee

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Full Cut-off light fixtures

At a star party last night, 13 central-Oklahoma amateur astronomers treated residents of the Flaming Oaks neighborhood to beautiful views of the universe from our own front yard. We traced the constellations of the Winter Hexagon and the circumpolar stars. We enjoyed telescopic views of the Pleiades, the Owl Cluster and the Beehive Cluster, among others, including the Great Nebula in the sword of Orion the Hunter. What a privilege and joy to live in east Norman where the skies are dark enough to see the Milky Way!

Peter Khor pointed his telescope to the Great Orion Nebula, and displayed this view of the Great Orion Nebula on an attached Mallincam screen.

Great Orion Nebula, as seen last night in Flaming Oaks.
Great Orion Nebula, as seen last night in Flaming Oaks.

What a memorable evening these astronomers gave us! Thanks to all of you for devoting an evening to sharing your love of the night sky with us. We particularly thank 6 of Eileen Grzybowski’s students from the Norman North High School Astronomy Club. They were joined by Nick Lazzaro from the Ten Acre Observatory and Odyssey Astronomy Club, among others.

Indoors, there were stars as well — adorning the varieties of cookies many FOHA neighbors brought! We enjoyed them over friendly conversations, coffee, tea and hot chocolate. A special thanks to Joyce McBee and DeeAnne Lyon for lots of help organizing and setting up. And thanks to Eris J., a Brownie Girl Scout, for setting up a display where we could purchase our own Girl Scout cookies!

Eileen G. led us in a dramatic reading of There Once Was a Sky Full of Stars, a children’s story about keeping the sky dark. She then shared information about full cut-off light fixtures, easily obtained from Lowes or Home Depot, which keep light directed toward the ground where it is needed, instead of throwing it up into the air where it creates glare and unnecessary skyglow.

Eileen G. and Nick Lazzaro explaining the use of full cut-off light fixtures.
Eileen G. and Nick Lazzaro explaining the use of full cut-off light fixtures.

To learn more about preserving our dark skies by using full cut-off light fixtures, check out these sources:

I encourage everyone who lives in east Norman to choose only full cut-off light fixtures for your outdoor lighting.

For obvious reasons, we took no photographs of people outside at the telescopes. But indoors, there were many activities as well to occupy us when we wanted to socialize, warm up, and enjoy refreshments…

Constellation cards
Constellation cards.

Constellation coloring pages
Constellation coloring pages.

Constellation Station board game
Constellation Station board game.

Star clocks - tell time by the Big Dipper
Star clocks – tell time by the Big Dipper.

Books and leaflets
Assorted books and leaflets.

Star charts and astronomy events.
Star charts and astronomy events. Cf. Night Sky Planner, Postcards from the Universe, and Star Atlas Stories.

Constellation children's books
Constellation children’s books.

Even a reading nook
Even a reading nook!

Time now for a thin mint cookie… Did you know Girl Scouts now sell gluten-free cookies? Mmmmm.

Finally, to become familiar with the stars of winter (or any season), I recommend Chet Raymo, 365 Starry Nights. Raymo’s sky chart for January 1st features the Winter Hexagon:

Winter Hexagon, Chet Raymo, 365 Starry Nights

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Star Party tonight!

Dear Flaming Oaks homeowners,

Reminder: Flaming Oaks Star Party, Feb 17, at the Magruders … 6319 Oak Grove Dr. … 7-10 pm, drop-in.

It looks like the weather may clear up just in time for our star party tonight! Assuming the ground is wet, the astronomy students from Norman North High School, and others, will probably set up their telescopes on our driveway. They will park on the side of the street as they arrive when it’s still daylight. After the event starts, please park some distance away and walk to our home if you can. (We want to keep the street clear to allow our neighbors immediately next door on Flaming Oaks to come and go if they need to, and we want to avoid as much as possible damaging the night vision of those who are observing.)

Our address is 6319 Oak Grove Dr., Norman, OK 73026.

Regardless of the weather, we will go forward with the event. If there are episodes of cloudy skies that interrupt the telescopic viewing, there will be many things to do inside the house… First and foremost, this is an easy, low-key way to get to know some of your neighbors! Or talk with some of the student astronomers about the value of keeping our night skies dark in east Norman. Folks are sponsoring a cookie pot luck, with hot drinks — but don’t feel you need to bring cookies unless you want to; there may even be an opportunity to buy some from a neighborhood girl scout! And bring kids or grandkids — there will be an assortment of constellation-things to do indoors as well (constellation coloring pages, planispheres and star clocks, childrens’ books, the Constellation Station board game, etc.).

We hope you can join us as we cap off Valentine’s week with a friendly neighborhood trip to the stars!

Kerry and Candace Magruder

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Star Party Feb 17

Flaming Oaks Star Party, Feb 17
Magruders … 6319 Oak Grove Dr. … 7-10 pm, drop-in

Cap off your Valentine’s week celebrations with a friendly neighborhood trip to the stars!

Outdoors: Enjoy our FOHA dark skies!
Telescope skywatching and stories of the stars: 
Led by… Norman North H.S. Astronomy Club, Lunar Sooners, Ten Mile Observatory, OKC Astronomy Club, & others.

Park on Tarkington, Flaming Oaks, or the west end of 
Oak Grove so headlights won’t disrupt skywatchers’ 
night vision. Watch out for pedestrians.

Indoors: Conversations, Cookies & Constellations

  • Cookie pot-luck! Bring a dozen cookies to share if you can. Hot chocolate, decaf coffee provided.
  • Conversations with neighbors and student astronomers.
  • Constellation coloring pages, celestial globe, 
comfy chairs, constellation game & 
children’s picture books.
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FOHA Board meeting Jan 28

Dear FOHA Board and residents,

There will be a FOHA Board of Directors’ meeting on Sunday, Jan 28, at our home, 6319 Oak Grove Dr., at 3 pm., to discuss the agenda below. Flaming Oaks residents who are not Board Members are welcome to attend.

1. Roads and Streets plans for 2018
2. Budget update
3. Bank selection
4. Sat, Feb 17 Skywatch/social event update
5. Nextdoor Neighborhood (social media) update
6. Recycling initiative update
7. Updated resident list and neighborhood map
8. Architecture Committee update
9. Block news and updates

To add an item to the agenda, send it to Kerry Magruder (kvmagruder@yahoo.com).

Please hold the date of Saturday, February 17, for a neighborhood skywatch/social. More information about this event will be coming soon. If you are interested in helping with preparations, please let Kerry and Candace Magruder know by email (kvmagruder@yahoo.com and cmagruder@mac.com).

Remember that you can follow current information, and contact your Block Representative, at the FOHA Website:
Ask your block rep or any Board member for the password.

Kerry Magruder
2018 President, FOHA

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